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We offer personalised and effective legal solutions, backed by our experience and in-depth legal knowledge.

Massimo Bandettini di Poggio, member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB), has been practising law since 1994.

From the beginning I was lucky enough to have good references to learn from, I was trained in various areas of law and acquired enough experience to be able to become independent.

Since then, and throughout all these years, apart from continuing my training in various areas of law, I have wanted and managed to surround myself with a group of Lawyers and other necessary collaborators (Solicitors, Notaries, Administrative Managers, Real Estate Experts, Medical Experts, Architects, etc.) in whom I fully trust and who help me to offer a comprehensive and effective service, based on the defence of the rights and interests of our clients and in the search for satisfactory and practical solutions to their problems or needs.

Our mission is to work with our clients in the search for fair and pragmatic solutions, providing them with the support, reassurance and security they need at complex times. We offer expertise and experience, not appearance.


Areas of practice

We specialise in the following areas of law, in order to offer you our best service.

Legal advice on inheritance law

We guide our clients in all legal and practical aspects of succession.

Real Estate legal advice

We offer comprehensive and specialised legal advice to both professionals and private individuals on a wide range of services.

Civil law

Our civil law service is dedicated to resolving disputes and protecting our clients’ rights in a variety of legal areas.

Employment law

In our labour law service, we are dedicated to protecting the rights of workers and employers in an ever-changing employment environment.

Criminal Law

We offer expert legal representation focused on defending our clients’ rights.

Claims for damages arising out of civil liability

We are dedicated to protecting our clients’ rights and ensuring that they receive the fair and adequate compensation to which they are entitled in cases of injury or damage.

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